Weekly Article Roundup

If you've been keeping up with the Heifer blog this week you've seen a lot of stories on Brooke's recent trip to Peru and Ecuador where it looks like they've had a great time visiting projects. She's shared stories about Lucio and his alpacas,

New Solar Panels Help Heifer Care for the Earth

 Written by Erin Snow, Communications Manager After more than three weeks of setting the stage, the real stars of the 100-panel, 25 kW solar array, have arrived. One-by-one, each panel has been placed atop support poles on the north side of

Eating in South America

I'm heading back home late late tonight, with a brain still full of things to write about my trip to Peru and Ecuador. But, as it's Friday, I thought I'd just do a handful of photos of the food I've had the opportunity to try while in South

Horn of Africa: Let's Think Long-Term

Photo by Dave Anderson, Heifer International Today the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations posted a warning on the Horn of Africa crisis that speaks directly to Heifer staff, supporters, donors and potential partners:

Happiness is Coming Back in Armenia

Submitted by Liana Hayrapetyan,  Communication and PR Officer,Heifer Armenia In the years leading up to the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the Poghosyan family was one of the friendliest and hardest working

Ecuador: Diverse and Dynamic

Before digging into the Ecuador leg of our South American trip, I thought it might be helpful to describe the situation here, which is complex, to say the least. Ecuador is fantastically biodiverse. I've never seen so many different plants in my

Nueva Luz: Working Together in Honduras

Women from the microenterprise Nueva Luz y Vida prepare plantain chips in Berlin, Honduras. After my experience on the Study Tour, I spent a few more days visiting projects in Honduras with Jose Alfredo Coto, the national project coordinator for

How To: Help Small Farmers

When it comes to the idea of sustainable agriculture and helping small farmers, it's easy to feel overwhelmed if you're just starting out. How do I help? What can I do? Where do I start? Those are the main questions people will ask when the subject