Heifer Honors Wangari Maathai

Wangari Maathai by photographer Martin Rowe Kenyan environmentalist and activist Wangari Maathai had a simple but ingenious strategy: To pay women to plant trees to solve both unemployment and deforestation. Her Green Belt Movement is responsible

Making the Most of Our Sun

The Sun. It's 92,957,130.4 miles away, in case your 9th grade physical science memory has failed you. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, where Heifer International's headquarters sits, we're going to be seeing less of it with fall and winter

Heifer in Haiti: Show Me the Story

A view of Lake Peligre from the mountains on the way to a Heifer International cage-fishing project. Editor's Note: Writer Katya Cengel and Photographer Geoff Oliver Bugbee traveled to Heifer projects in Haiti Sept. 11-18 for Heifer's World Ark

Weekend Article Roundup

We have had some exciting news this week at Heifer. We've announced our commitment at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting to help 20,250 families in Haiti increase their income with livestock and agriculture training. In

Local Food Away From Home

Hungry travelers passing through Chicago O'Hare won't be stuck with hotplate Chinese food or plastic-wrapped ham sandwiches anymore. The menu is broadening to include some hyper-local fare, conveniently grown between terminals 2 and 3. Dozens of

Heifer in Haiti: Rabbit Addition

Enithe Luxius gives proper credit to her rabbit Jaqomy. Image byGeoff Oliver Bugbee Story by Katya Cengel Enithe Luxius pulls out a smallnotebook inside of which she has charted a family tree. There is Mr. Sedye andGermaine and their descendants

Heifer Makes Commitment at CGI Annual Meeting

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof (left) greets Heifer International President and CEO Pierre Ferrari at the announcement of Heifer's $18.7 million Haiti commitment during the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting in New York. We got