Wash Your Hands

I tell you what, October is chock full of Official Days. I had no idea! In addition to being International Day of Rural Women, it's also Global Handwashing Day. Handwashing is a critical part of hygiene and health and can mean the difference

In Praise of Rural Women

Today is International Day of Rural Women. In honor of the rural women with whom Heifer works, Elizabeth Bintliff, regional director of Heifer's West Africa Program, wrote the following post.Say the word "rural" and it conjures up all kindsof

World Egg Day: How to Safely Prepare Eggs

Note: The video in this post mentions a "recent egg recall." Don't fret! This video is from August 2010, and to my knowledge, there is no current egg recall to be concerned about. Happy World Egg Day! Although I generally enjoy cooking and am

Happy World Egg Day

It's World Egg Day! Eggs are awesome. Highly nutritious, easy to store and prepare. You can eat all sorts of eggs: chicken eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs, and more. There are loads of ways to eat them: hard boiled, scrambled, poached, fried, and on

Meeting Urgent Needs in Cambodia

Mahendra Lohani (fourth from right) with the Heifer staff who participated in last month's co-mentoring workshop in  Cambodia. by Mahendra Lohani, Vice President of Asia Programs

International Day for Disaster Reduction

Today is International Day for Disaster Reduction, the purpose of which is "to raise the profile of disaster risk reduction and encourage people and governments to participate in building more resilient communities and nations. In several of