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The story of Dan West is a special one to all of us at Heifer headquarters. Without him, we wouldn’t be here. But West’s vision and his original gift cows mean more to many of our beneficiaries—often more than we comprehend. One

The Closest Thing to Giving World Peace

Have you received The Most Important Gift Catalog in the World in your mailbox yet? Or have you downloaded the free Catalog Spree app (featuring our Gift Catalog!) for your iPad yet? I was carpooling to book club last night when the topic of

Cooking from the Field: Fried Rice Bananas

My primary job as a writer here at Heifer's headquarters is to turn semi-annual progress reports from projects into nice-looking, easy to read reports for our donors. Each report usually includes a story, but I recently came across a recipe that

Serinda Swan Visits Heifer in Cambodia

 Heifer International’s projects in Cambodia got a special visit from a Hollywood actress recently. Serinda Swan is the star of the A&E drama Breakout Kings, and she’s also a big Heifer supporter.  She was adventurous enough

How To Use Your Old Pumpkins

Now that Halloween is over, it's time to think about what to do with those pumpkins. Whether you cut them for jack-o-lanters or just left them out for decorations, there are several environmentally friendly things you can do with each. Un-Cut

This Week in Food: Making a Lasting Change

This post is the final in a series of posts by Heifer Senior Coordinator of School Programs Kim Machnik. If you haven't already, go back and read each week's post. Heifer Celebrates the Harvest Season: Food Systems at Home and Around the World;

Happy Birthday, Heifer Ranch

This past Saturday we celebrated the 40th anniversary of Heifer Ranch. A Brief History of Heifer Ranch Abu, a 5-year-old male camel, was presented toHeifer Ranch as a birthday gift from Overlook Farmin Rutland, Massachusetts. Heifer