How to Eat Local Year-Round

It's November. In my neck of the woods, November signals the end of farmers market season. Not long ago, this put a major damper on my local food diet until spring. But thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I can shop for local vegetables,

Sheep Mow Your Lawn; Goats Eat Your Weeds

Would you pay $2 a day to let a pair of sheep mow your lawn? If you live in Oberlin, Ohio, you now have the option! With the economy what it is, folks are getting realllly creative to earn their livelihoods, even here in the United States. This NY

Hopeful Youth Mean a Bright Future for Armenia

A group of our volunteers from across the United States are visiting Heifer projects in Armenia this week. Our community volunteer coordinator Kate Merrill is chronicling this study tour on her blog, and some of my favorite stories and images from

Heifer Can Teach You to Be Nicer

In China's Sichuan Province, Training in Heifer's 12 Cornerstones for Just and Sustainable Development led to one woman's transformation into a more peaceful and collaborative person. Huang Yu, 47, is a mother to two children. She was born in a

Weekend Article Roundup

If you haven't heard, the holiday edition of World Ark is now online. Annie has recapped some of the headline stories of the many families being helped in Zambia with a partnership between Heifer and Elanco, two siblings who worked to raise $5,000

Read All About It

The story of Dan West is a special one to all of us at Heifer headquarters. Without him, we wouldn’t be here. But West’s vision and his original gift cows mean more to many of our beneficiaries—often more than we comprehend. One

The Closest Thing to Giving World Peace

Have you received The Most Important Gift Catalog in the World in your mailbox yet? Or have you downloaded the free Catalog Spree app (featuring our Gift Catalog!) for your iPad yet? I was carpooling to book club last night when the topic of

Cooking from the Field: Fried Rice Bananas

My primary job as a writer here at Heifer's headquarters is to turn semi-annual progress reports from projects into nice-looking, easy to read reports for our donors. Each report usually includes a story, but I recently came across a recipe that