World Toilet Day: Give a Crap

Ugandan biogas toilet. Photo by Dero Sanford. Happy World Toilet Day, everyone. Wondering why there's a day for toilets (I mean, there's a day for everything, right?) around the world? I'll let the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

10 Weekend Links: Turkey Edition

Alright, United States of Americans, Thanksgiving is almost here! I know of a certain toddler who has been asking for days to "Go to Thanksgiving," after hearing promises of turkey, spaghetti (What? It's a family tradition.) and pie. We seem to

Don't BE a Heifer, GIVE a Heifer

When a family receives a heifer, they receive much more than an animal. It's a gift that provides all of what Heifer calls the seven Ms: Milk, Manure, Muscle, Meat, Money, Materials and Motivation. And those seven things turn into health, houses,

One Year In, Heifer CEO Makes a Splash

When Pierre Ferrari was named Heifer International’s President and CEO on October 28, 2011, he brought with him big dreams. After one year, we’re seeing the results of Ferrari’s vision: changes at Heifer that will help feed thousands

Heifer Lauded For Helping Cool the Planet

A new report pinpoints some solutions to the interconnected problems of world hunger and climate change. And of course, Heifer International is among those solutions. The group of international experts who make up the Commission on Sustainable

Ernest and His Horse: Photo of the Week

Photo by Geoff Bugbee How cute is this pair? This is 6-year-old Ernest and his family's draft horse, Barka. Ernest lives in Dolhobrody, Poland. His family received this horse through a Heifer project in their village working to improve farm

Boycott National Fast Food Day!

Today is National Fast Food Day in the United States, apparently. And I want you to boycott it in favor of real food. Why do I care? First, I have a personal interest in the health of our nation's people. Second, fast food is practically

$5 Billion Is A Lot, But It Isn't

According to NPR's food blog, The Salt, the local food movement looks like much more than a passing fad. An analysis by the United States Department of Agriculture reported that American farmers (those local men and women we're always talking