Give a Goat: It's the Poor Man's Cow

Goats are versatile animals and are at home in a number of environments. Heifer uses goats in projects from Albania to India to Uganda. In addition to being one of Heifer International's most popular gift animals, goats are an amazing resource

Get Rewarded For Saving the Planet

Not that saving the planet doesn't have intrinsic reward (our grandchildren's grandchildren and whatnot), but wouldn't it be nice if someone gave you coupons and discounts for greening up your life, too? Recyclebank does just that. You recycle,

Heifer's Heart: Abu the Camel, Heifer Ranch

Name: Abu Dhabi Title: Dromedary Camel Location: Arrived at Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Ark. last week as a 40thanniversary gift. How long have you been with Heifer?  Since 2005, when Abu was given to Heifer’s Overlook

Weekend Article Roundup: Did You Know?

We shared this picture of Edward, 4, feeding the family goatsat his home in Uganda. This picture is just too special not toshare again with everyone else.(P.S. 'Like' our Facebook page if you haven't already.) One of the best parts about working

Working for Peace in Kosovo

In Kosovo's Medvec village, Passing on the Gift® creates a chain of inter-ethnic collaboration for Albanian and Roma ethnic groups. In spite of differences, these neighbors are learning to share opportunities and benefits and live in peace. The

A Smidge of Hope

Are you up on the latest out of the Horn of Africa? If not, you’re not the only one. Bleak news on top of bleak news tends to drive readers away after a while. So how about some good news? Luckily there is finally some of that coming out of