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Commenter Calvin left the following on Tuesday's biogas post: Great thinking, I love this, just wondering what impact methane gas has on global warming? Is this cheap and sustainable? or just cheap, like coal? thanks, love your work!-Calvin My

Hungry for Truth

What are the most formidable obstacles in the fight against hunger? Well, first of all there's just not enough food for everyone, and there's nothing we can do to predict when famine will strike. Luckily in the modern era, hunger is only a problem

Heifer Staff Give Back

Story submitted by Stephanie Chesher, senior director of Donor Services and Operations at Heifer International.  It all started about four years ago when LoriJo and Kent Peters lost their 19-year-old son, Collin, in a tragic motorcycle

Heifer Staff Lend a Hand in Hughes, Arkansas

Continuing today's conversation about poverty in Heifer's homestate, we take you to Hughes, Arkansas, which has a poverty rate of 38 percent. This past Monday, Heifer Headquarters staff, visiting Country Directors and Heifer's United States

When Poverty Touches Home

Though I wasn't born in Arkansas, I've lived here since I was four and consider it my home. Growing up in a small town, I've witnessed poverty and hunger with classmates, participated in local food drives, and had my parents teach me valuable

Empowerment in Zambia

In this video, Marta Haley of Elanco, one of Heifer's corporate partners, and Stephanie Chesher of Heifer International share about their recent visit to Zambia, where they witnessed empowerment, innovation (improvement on the Tippy Tap design!)

How to Choose Coffee with a Conscience

The next time you buy coffee, make sure you are environmentally aware about where you coffee comes from. The words Fair Trade, Shade-Grown, and Organic are just a couple of buzzwords that are now being used to describe your cup-of-joe. Haven't

Biogas: More than a source of energy

by Puja Singh  - Heifer Nepal Poverty has many dimensions. While being poor relates directly to having less to eat, energy is definitely a primary concern for many poor families around the world.  A recent poverty matters blog post looks