Building Peace in Cambodia

One of the aspects of Heifer’s work around the world that doesn’t always get mentioned is peace building. Heifer was there after World War II delivering heifers to Japan and Germany. We even took chicks to Korea during

How to End Hunger This Thanksgiving

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, feed just one.” - Mother Theresa 1. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen Whether you have Thanksgiving lunch or dinner with your family, why not add a new tradition of volunteering at a soup

Share a Sheep: Ewe Will Be Thanked

Feliciana's daughter, Flor Isabel. Photo by Jake Lyell. Domesticated by humans nearly 12,000 years ago, sheep provide a number of benefits to families. Their wool has long been used for clothing, and sheep milk and meat are full of nutrients that

World Toilet Day: Give a Crap

Ugandan biogas toilet. Photo by Dero Sanford. Happy World Toilet Day, everyone. Wondering why there's a day for toilets (I mean, there's a day for everything, right?) around the world? I'll let the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

10 Weekend Links: Turkey Edition

Alright, United States of Americans, Thanksgiving is almost here! I know of a certain toddler who has been asking for days to "Go to Thanksgiving," after hearing promises of turkey, spaghetti (What? It's a family tradition.) and pie. We seem to

Don't BE a Heifer, GIVE a Heifer

When a family receives a heifer, they receive much more than an animal. It's a gift that provides all of what Heifer calls the seven Ms: Milk, Manure, Muscle, Meat, Money, Materials and Motivation. And those seven things turn into health, houses,

One Year In, Heifer CEO Makes a Splash

When Pierre Ferrari was named Heifer International’s President and CEO on October 28, 2011, he brought with him big dreams. After one year, we’re seeing the results of Ferrari’s vision: changes at Heifer that will help feed thousands