They Eat the Least, But Spend the Most

As we in the United States enjoy a season full of holiday traditions of dining with friends and family and giving thanks for what we have, it's interesting to put our luck in the plenty-to-eat department into even finer perspective. Check out

The World's Poor Can't Sit This One Out

Today is Cyber Monday and as online retailers vie for the attention of holiday shoppers, many experts are wondering what this will mean for the health of the economy. Will consumers buy now or sit this holiday season out, waiting until better

Pick a Chick on Cyber Monday

It's Cyber Monday. Don't let your boss catch you surfing the web for the best deal on a TV. Instead, let her know you're spending your holiday savings ending world hunger. Pick a chick this Cyber Monday! For just $20, a gift of chicks, ducks or

Heifer Trainings End Violence Against Women

Mr. You Saroeun helps his wife on the farm instead of drinking and committing violence against her. Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. From United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's official

Turkey Time

Happy Thanksgiving! Sure, it's the most American of holidays, but the United States doesn't have the corner on turkeys. In fact, Israelis eat the most turkey per person, usually spit-roasted from a shawarma stand or in schnitzel form. The United

Drinking Yogurt: Photo of the Week

Photo by Dero Sanford In Uganda, farmers participating in Heifer biogas and dairy cattle projects are going beyond selling surplus milk. One farmer in the Seeta-Misindye Heifer Project started his own drinkable yogurt business. It's a tasty source

Building Peace in Cambodia

One of the aspects of Heifer’s work around the world that doesn’t always get mentioned is peace building. Heifer was there after World War II delivering heifers to Japan and Germany. We even took chicks to Korea during

How to End Hunger This Thanksgiving

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, feed just one.” - Mother Theresa 1. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen Whether you have Thanksgiving lunch or dinner with your family, why not add a new tradition of volunteering at a soup