Telling Stories Through Nakshi Kantha

story by Puja Singhphotographs by Geoff Oliver Bugbee for Heifer International For centuries, women have been telling stories through art and music. In Bengal, these stories are told through Nakshi Kantha, a type of folk art where colorful

How To: Stress Less This Holiday Season

The holidays are here! It's time to start making your list and check them twice! I know you've all be nice. As the next two weeks of festive fun are around, remember these simple things and you're holidays will seem much less stressful: The

The Dance of a New Life in Bangladesh

story by Puja Singhvideo by Geoff Oliver Bugbee for Heifer International In this short video, adhibashis (tribal) women dance arm-in-arm to the crescendo of drums in a Passing On The Gift ceremony where 15 cows were passed on to new families in

Heifer Ukraine on the Moooove

The Heifer Ukraine team (all 16 of them) are hard working people. And they don’t mind working under less-than ideal circumstances. Like their offices. Pierre Ferrari, Pietro Turilli, Clinton School of Public Service student (and Heifer

Give the Original Piggy Bank

Mr. Alyssi Eloundou Bathelemy and his wife Mrs. Kanse Ada Philomene stand in front oftheir pig pen. Photos by Jake Lyell. If Heifer animals are like "living savings accounts" for struggling families, the pig may well be the most interest-bearing.

Geek Up Your Heifer Gift

So you've purchased a heifer (okay, let's be honest, a share of a heifer) for your favorite do-gooder cousin, and you've ordered your plush heifer to go with it. What's next? Wrap it up! But don't just use the same-old wrapping paper tucked back in

Heifer Works for Human Rights

Heifer International is observing International  Human Rights Day today with a message to all our supporters: be grateful.  At this moment, you probably aren’t worrying that your property will be taken away, or that someone will

Heifer and Others Invest in Haiti

This post was written by Heifer Vice President of Philanthropy Cathy Sanders.   I recently spent five days in Haiti at an Invest in Haiti Conference organized by the Clinton Foundation and the InterAmerican Development Bank. More than 900