Give a Water Buffalo, the Tractor that Poops

Want more great content from the Heifer Blog? Subscribe in a reader or by Email. Known as "the living tractor of the East," the water buffalo is used mostly for plowing and transportation by families in Asia. In addition to plowing, water buffalo

Rodents of Unusual Size Really Do Exist

And not just in the fairy tale The Princess Bride. (If you haven’t seen it, go watch it now. You’ll understand.) Photo by James Grooves Actually grasscutters really aren’t all THAT big, but they are big in relative terms.

Mama Yogurt

 Prior to 2007 dairy products made with actual milk were hard to come by in Ghana. I know that sounds strange, but even the most popular dairy product on the market—yogurt—was mostly made with powdered milk. These powder-based

Shop@Heifer Online

I hope you've been enjoying our series highlighting some of the livestock and other options from the Heifer Gift Catalog. I know many people like giving and receiving the gift of a goat or a share of a water buffalo. It's not only a great way to

Golden Talent Nominee Thrives With Heifer

When the floods came, Iryna Paviluk's life was nearly washed away. When Heifer came, she was able to rebuild it.In 2008, floods devastated Chernivtsi Oblast in western Ukraine. Iryna's house was destroyed, her orchards flooded and her animals lost.

Annie's "Hello" from Ghana

Annie Bergman, World Ark writer and regular contributor on Heifer Blog, is in Ghana this week. Internet connections are unsurprisingly spotty, so she passed along her first impressions of Ghana to me, with the promise of more (and photos)

Bee Sweet: Give the Gift of Honeybees

This tiny insect works hard for struggling families. They produce sweet honey to eat, beeswax that can be turned into goods like candles, and they also help pollinate crops to increase yields. Dorel Butuza and his family live in the village of