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One of Heifer’s most ambitious projects, the East Africa Dairy Development (EADD) program, is designed to boost the milk yields and incomes of small-scale farmers in Africa so they can lift their communities out of hunger and poverty.

It’s about more than income, though. The ultimate goal of EADD, as with all Heifer projects, is to help farmers achieve lives of true self-determination. EADD starts off where the original Heifer projects in the area left off, grouping family farmers into cooperatives and connecting them with companies that can sell the milk in more far-reaching markets.

Regional Director for the East Africa Dairy Development program, Rakesh Kapoor, discusses how EADD is working to generate income for dairy farmers in East Africa and make their voices heard. 

Top photo: Heifer project participant Rahel Mhema delivers milk to the Wawahanjo dairy cooperative.


Molly Fincher

Molly writes stuff for Heifer International's website, magazine and blog.