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Get excited about eating fresh food straight from local farms this spring and summer, because CSA season is upon us!

What is a CSA, you ask? “CSA” stands for community supported agriculture, a business model that allows farmers to sell directly to consumers. Joining a CSA usually means that you will pay for a season’s worth of produce upfront and then receive a box of fresh, local fruits and veggies every week of the harvesting season.

Community supported agriculture is a huge win-win for farmers and consumers. Customers get produce that is healthier, fresher, tastes better and is great for the local economy and the environment. Farmers get access to markets and the essential revenue and stability that makes small-scale farming possible.

Heifer International, in collaboration with Foodshed Farms, supports a CSA right here in Arkansas! Starting in early May, shareholders will receive six to 10 pounds of fresh certified organic and certified naturally grown produce per week, sized for a family of two to three people. The spring and summer CSA will last 16 weeks and cost $440, or shareholders can sign up for 8 weeks at a time for $240. Each week there will be a variety of in-season produce. For example, CSA shareholders can expect sustainably grown produce like lettuce, greens, and carrots in the spring followed by tomatoes, peppers and squash later in the summer. You can also add a meat share from Grass Roots Farmers' Cooperative for $90-100.

Today is National CSA Sign-Up Day, so the time is ripe to try out a CSA for yourself! Because of the success of last year’s CSA, there will be 600 shares available this year. Learn more and sign-up for yours right here!

Not in Arkansas? Find a CSA near you. 


Molly Fincher

Molly writes stuff for Heifer International's website, magazine and blog.