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In the long, proud tradition of the Heifer Games, the gymnastics floor routine has always been an individual sport, as everyone knows. But this year, sports fans, the committee has added a team competition, and it has turned into one of the most anticipated contests around the barnyard.

As a reminder, while our animal athletes don’t have the strength or necessary appendages to pull off a double half layout with a full twist a la Simone Biles, they certainly bring the thunder when it comes to being super cute.

For those judging at home, keep in mind that medals will be decided based on adorableness and athletic prowess. Animals must stay within the designated fenced-in pasture area to successfully complete a floor routine.

Team Alpaca, fresh off a solid silver medal outing in the balance beam, starts us off.

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With a series of technical yet joyous leaps, Team Alpaca wows the judges and receives a well-deserved 15.433.

Next up, Team Sheep.


With impressive height and speed, Team Sheep puts together a solid athletic showing. Apparently judges were looking for something a little more adorable, though, as they award a 14.61, well behind our leaders in Team Alpaca. 

And finally, the crowd at the barnyard quiets for fan favorite Team Goat.


With their mismatched pajamas and impromptu hopping, no one can argue that Team Goat isn’t cute—maybe the cutest of these games. But it looks like Team Goat is missing more than half its team and the two remaining athletes clearly did not practice a routine. Still, the judges are suckers for adorable animals, and they give Team Goat a strong 15.001.

With that finish, Team Alpaca claims the gold, with Team Goat shockingly nabbing the silver and Team Sheep coming away with a bronze.  

Take our Heifer Games quiz to see which animals edged out their competitors to win the gold—50 cents will be donated to Heifer for every quiz taken!