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Listen: We've all been there. Scrambling at the last minute to find just ONE MORE gift for that special someone. Or rushing out last minute because you forgot your mom's cousin's uncle was coming to town. It's ok. Because with Heifer, no one has to know you've left your shopping to the last minute.

Choosing gifts that have a real impact on a struggling family are just a click away. We can help you solve any last-minute gifting crisis in three easy steps. 

  1. Browse our catalog
  2. Add your favorite items & animals to cart
  3. Print or email — or now, TEXT — free honor cards to loved ones 

We’ll take care of the rest, like delivering your gifts to families in need throughout the world, and providing training so your gift has maximum impact.

From there, these gifts start changing lives: They provide nutrition and income for healthcare, education, and shelter. Best of all, every family will Pass on the Gift of an animal's offspring to someone else in their community — and the impact spirals outward from there. 

So, don't worry. Whether you just want one more gift, or you forgot to buy stocking stuffers, or you've waited to find a gift with true meaning, let us do the hard work. 



Heifer International

Heifer International is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization working with communities to end hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth.