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Today is Giving Tuesday. It's a day set aside to remind us all of the importance to give back. And for this one day, we have a chance to do something together that we've never done: raise $900,000 in 24 hours to send chicks and goats to small-scale farming families in Haiti. 

The best part, though, is if you join us today, your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar. That's twice as many goats, chicks and heifers to help families in Haiti lift themselves out of poverty and into lives of self-reliance.

The need is severe: Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Most people live well below the poverty line. But Haiti is also a nation of resilience. Of determination. Of hope.

If we give hardworking families in Haiti the right tools and training—if we reach our goal today—they can build a better future for themselves and their country. But the clock is ticking, and we each have to do our part.

Give now. Double your gift.


Heifer International

Heifer International is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization working with communities to end hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth.