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Each year, fourth graders from Little Rock, Arkansas, become entrepreneurs with Forest Park Elementary’s “Enhance the Chance” program.

The students develop a business model and sell their product at their annual sale. The young entrepreneurs are responsible for securing a loan, manufacturing the product based on supply and demand and marketing the product using posters and commercials. The commercials are then broadcast to the entire student population of Forest Park elementary.

This year’s sale, which took place April 23, was a huge success, with the students raising almost $2,200. After the sale, the students researched, analyzed and chose a local charity to donate their proceeds to. Two businesses, “Fun Screen” and “Emoji Faces,” chose to donate their proceeds to Heifer International, collectively raising $332. Fun Screen is an “all fun, no burn” colorful sunscreen that can be used for war paint, sports and hunting. Emoji Faces is a collection of life-sized emoticon masks that “make you awesome.”   

The two groups visited Heifer Village on June 4 to present their checks to Heifer Reservations Coordinator Marcia Shelton and Heifer volunteer Kelli Westbrook. They were able to purchase a llama, a goat and a flock of chicks to give to families in need. These community members show that you are never too young to get involved and pass on the gift!  

The students created commercials to promote their products before the sale.