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In addition to providing training and education to our participating farmers, we at Heifer International take educating the public about the causes and solutions to global hunger and poverty seriously.

If you don’t know about the problem, you can’t be part of the solution.

We want to turn everyone we can into an advocate for positive change, because we will only end hunger and poverty by working together.

To become part of the solution, people need information, a global outlook and a bias toward service. We work with thousands of schools, congregations, community groups and individuals across the United States (and, increasingly, abroad) to help people understand how their decisions, their behavior and how they treat others are shaping the future of the world.

Our belief in the power of global education is so strong, we have dedicated much time and effort into creating high-quality educational and service-learning programs.

You have a responsibility to understand hunger and poverty and what you can do in your life to improve the lives of others. 

So what can you do? Check out our educational resources. Share them with your friends, neighbors and children’s teachers. Become the change!


Pierre Ferrari

Pierre Ferrari is president and CEO of Heifer International. Pierre is very passionate about empowering the families and communities with whom Heifer works: “It took me decades, but I have come to know that the only way to happiness and joy is to be of service to others.” Pierre’s other joys are his wife, Kim, his two sons and two stepdaughters. In his free time he enjoys golf, squash, reading and travel.