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It’s powerful to see what happens when a class works together. It’s even more exciting when classes from many different schools all across the United States commit to reaching a goal together for our very special Read to Feed Spring Challenge.

We have always known that children are some of Heifer’s most powerful spokespeople, and that has proven to be true once again! Because of the impressive efforts of the students who are participating in our Read to Feed Spring Challenge, an anonymous donor has generously offered $25,000 to match the students’ fundraising.

Now, instead of matching every dollar that we raise in this campaign for the East Africa Dairy Development program up to $30,000, we are able to match UP TO $55,000! Anything raised above that will be used to support the greater mission of Heifer. Thanks to students who are enthusiastically reading across the country. We are already HALFWAY towards reaching our NEW goal!

Teachers are important collaborators in our efforts to inspire young people to make a better world. We are so grateful for their efforts to engage their students in meaningful change for families in East Africa. We are so excited that we can now double even more of their students’ gifts—that means DOUBLING their impact!

You can find out more about the challenge, watch students’ progress toward our goal or sign a class up to participate on our Read to Feed Spring Challenge page

Read For Rwanda from Heifer International on Vimeo.