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Today is the International Day of the Girl Child, a day to raise awareness of the inequality faced by girls worldwide and to support wider opportunities for them. Inequality takes many forms for girls and women: in the denial of education and medical care, domestic violence, forced child marriages and many others. 

Heifer works to empower women around the world through gender equality training and providing resources that make it possible for girls to go to school. We want to empower women to reach their full potential. We're hopefully doing just that with Sharmila Adakari, whose parents are Heifer project participants who are now able to pay for Sharmila's school fees with the income generated through farming.  

Sharmila Adakari

Be we have other examples, too. In Belha Village, India, a woman named Renu Devi has changed her life thanks to a Heifer-supported self-help group. She now has enough income to help send her children to school and help support her family.

In the North West region of Cameroon, Mbisirri Rose faced similar challenges. She and her family lived in poverty. Her children were unable to go to school and often faced a myriad of health issues. After joining a farming group, however, her whole life changed.

Ton Phat from Cambodia is another incredible woman whose life was changed with the help of Heifer. She used the training she gained through a project to raise animals and increase her income, supporting her children’s education.

Nanay Neneng, a woman in her 80’s, works in the Philippines as a health worker. She has worked for years to transform her community and is now seen as a source for information. Her knowledge and wisdom is a beacon of hope in her community.

Take a minute to read their stories and remember all the girls and women around the world who struggle in the face of these obstacles every day. Then, do something about it. Help send a girl to school, or fund a women's self help group.  


Jacklyn Carroll

Jacklyn Carroll is the Global Communications Intern for Heifer. She recently graduated from The University of Memphis (Go Tigers!) with a bachelor's in English. She now lives in Little Rock, Ark., with her family and her kitten, Dolly.