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World Ark is in India this week to take a wider look at the country’s long-term development programs and how they relate to a new mandate on corporations requiring a percentage of net profits be invested in Corporate Social Responsibility projects.

A country fast evolving from a developing nation to now the third-largest in purchasing power parity in the world, India is busy setting up its game in all spheres to walk the talk.

A World Bank report earlier this month announced India had moved ahead of Japan in purchasing power parity (PPP). Read more here in an article by Ankit Panda on

“For India, the bad news is that its GDP per capita in PPP terms still ranks the country 127 out 199 — a reminder that the country has much to do in combating poverty. ‘The largest economies were not the richest, as shown in the ranking of GDP per capita. The middle-income economies with large economies also had large populations, setting the stage for continued growth,’ the report noted.”

Following the announcement of election results earlier this week, the talk of politics is rife from the cities’ tea stalls, cab driver and rickshaw stands to the glossy walkways of skyscrapers.

What does it mean that a former chaiwalla (tea-seller) won the seat of the Prime Minister of a country that is as much about caste identity and social class as it is about emerging business and global stance?

World Ark writer Puja Singh and photographer Veejay Villafranca talk to multinational corporations, civil society organizations and those for whom the India Companies Act proposes to bring a promise of a better life.


Puja Singh