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The idea of “community” has always been important to Heifer. When a project is started, the entire community is involved from the beginning. Our first Cornerstone is Passing on the Gift because giving to others is what makes our projects successful long after Heifer is gone. Outside of projects, employees and volunteers of Heifer International are involved in their own communities, making them a better place to live. On the morning of Sunday, March 2, Heifer employees and volunteers gathered to do just that.

A person dressed in a cow costume cheers on runners at the Little Rock Marathon
Heifer International employees braved the cold and rain to cheer on runners at the Little Rock marathon.

Heifer International, along with several other businesses in Little Rock, Ark., was set up along the race route to cheer on the athletes in the 12th Annual Little Rock Marathon. The cold, wet weather could not put a damper on the spirits of the participants or the Heifer cheering section. When asked about her motivation to cheer on the runners, volunteer Emily Noah said, “I love that the Little Rock Marathon brings so many new faces to our city. Cheering with other Heifer volunteers was a fun opportunity to show support for Little Rock and those who visit it!” With almost 11,000 participants, there was definitely ample opportunity to show support.

This year’s marathon theme was “EPIC,” inspiring participants to bring out their inner superheroes. When a community comes together for an event (like the Little Rock Marathon) or for something like a Heifer project, the results can indeed be epic. Heifer intern Haley Shelton believes “it’s absolutely fantastic that a global nonprofit is headquartered in the heart of Arkansas. It says a lot that they want to get involved in the local community.” Getting involved in our communities can make all of us feel like superheroes.

Heifer’s mission to ultimately make the world a better place does not have to start far from home. By getting involved in community-wide events, like the Little Rock Marathon, Heifer really exemplifies our belief that team work is essential to a happy and successful community.

Heifer International cheered as people from all over the state and nation participated in the Little Rock Marathon.

By Darby Rogers, Education Intern, Heifer International
Photos and Video by Lacey West, Video Producer, Heifer International