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Maria Amalia San Martin
Maria Amalia San Martin

Title: Communications Coordinator

Location: Tegucigalpa, Honduras

When did you start working for Heifer? October 2013

What attracted you to work for Heifer? The work Heifer does for the poor

What has been the most memorable experience you have had while working for Heifer? I remember meeting a beneficiary of the Seeds of Hope project in Choluteca. She was very poor while her children were growing up. At that time, she dreamed of having a cow so they could drink milk. Most of the children are grown and gone now, except for a couple of her sons who live with her. Now that she has a cow, she has decided not to sell the milk. Rather, she gives it to those in need because she recalls hard days when she needed it badly and could not get any for her children.

My education includes: Bachelor’s degree

My hobbies include: Making wire-wrapped jewelry, reading, meditating

My family consists of: Two daughters and one son. My husband died many years ago.

Something about me that you might not know: I went to a boarding school located at Ossining-on-Hudson near New York City. After many years abroad, I decided to return to my country to attend the local National University. I wanted to get to know my birthplace better than I did when I graduated from high school.

What is the best thing about working at Heifer Honduras? I feel I am helping make a difference in my country and the world.