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This Saturday at 8:30 pm join Heifer International for Earth Hour. Everyone is doing it (literally)!

What is Earth Hour? 

Earth Hour was famously started in 2007 by the World Wildlife fund and has grown into a worldwide movement. Its premise is simple: on a designated date individuals, businesses and landmarks are asked to turn off all non-essential lights for a period of 60 minutes.

The Eiffel Tower Participating in Earth Hour

The goal of the movement is not only to reduce environmental impact, but to show that the Earth's environmental issues don't have to be overwhelming. Small, everyday choices can make a better future and a healthier earth.

How Do I Participate?

When the clock strikes 8:30 p.m. (no matter where you are) on March 29th, turn off all of your lights for one hour. That's it! With the flick of your wrist you can stand alongside individuals all over the world to help the planet. You can let World Wildlife Fund know that you're participating on their website or you can participate anonymously. Either way, get out your beeswax candles and feel proud of what you are helping to accomplish!

Heifer International believes that helping the environment doesn't have to be difficult. By doing simple things like turning off non-essential lights, recycling used plastic containers, or lowering daily water usage you can help reduce your environmental impact and care for the earth. No effort is too small to make a difference! If you are interested in taking other steps to help the earth check out our Blog series The Good Life.



Bethany Ivie

Bethany Ivie has been with Heifer International's Little Rock staff since March 2014.