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coffee from worldbuilders
The sophisticated palette will appreciate the prominent notes of philanthropy combined with the subtle undertones of geekery in this special blend.

The Worldbuilders are back, this time to knock their first-ever summer campaign out of the park. 

In case you're new here: "Worldbuilders" is a nonprofit founded in 2008 by New York Times Bestselling author, Patrick Rothfuss, to raise money for Heifer International. To date, Worldbuilders has raised upwards of $3 million for Heifer with the enthusiastic support of their community.

Crossover heaven, right here.

As is now custom, the Geek Glitterati has risen to the occasion and enabled Worldbuilders to offer a number of fantastic perks, ranging from a calendar of Karen Hallion's Whovian mash-ups to an illustrated and signed print of Neil Gaiman's "100 Words." 

Unlike the holiday Worldbuilders campaigns, in which donors have a chance to win amazing prizes through a lottery system or auctions, the Geeks Doing Good campaign guarantees donors the perk of their choice (if the donation is place before they run out!). This campaign is only running four more days, so be sure to check it out now! 

Thanks to Worldbuilders, and here's to celebrating geeky goodness and ending hunger and poverty at the same time!



Molly Fincher

Molly writes stuff for Heifer International's website, magazine and blog.