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World Ark Fall cover
The cover for the Fall 2014 edition of World Ark magazine.

Why read the newest World Ark magazine?

    1. Seventy years ago, debonair young cowboys took to the rough seas to deliver furry and feathered gifts to war-torn countries. Along the way they found themselves taking in a Chinese New Year celebration lit by fireworks in the port of Shanghai or picnicking with Italian bathing beauties. We capture some of their adventures here.
    2. If you’re still trying to rack up enough frequent flier miles for that trip to Ecuador, the new issue of Heifer’s World Ark magazine should tide you over for a while. The Fall 2014 edition features a story about the rapid destruction of Ecuador’s mangrove forests, many of which are being sacrificed to make for industrial shrimp farming. Heifer is helping to protect what’s left and build new sources of income for families displaced by habitat loss.
    3. You can also read about Heifer’s work in Zimbabwe, where milk, manure and money from dairy cattle are helping farmers become less dependent on imported food.
    4. Why is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation teaming up with Heifer to build a farmer-driven dairy industry in East Africa? Here’s your chance to find out.
    5. It’s glossy and entertaining, and it will be in your mailbox any day now! Can’t wait? Find the online version here.


Austin Bailey

Austin Bailey is a writer and editor for Heifer's World Ark magazine.