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This week on his personal blog, gatesnotes, businessman and philanthropist Bill Gates is exploring malnutrition. He and best-selling author John Green traveled to Africa last month to explore the issues first-hand. His series of posts under the heading "Malnourished in Africa" looks at why hunger still exists in Africa, and touches on malnutrition's far-reaching effects on physical growth and brain development.

At Heifer, we've known that having right kinds of foods to eat—foods that provide essential vitamins and nutrients—is just as important as having enough food to eat. That's why we were honored that Gates included Heifer in his series. To quote Gates:

When people in extreme poverty get an animal, extraordinary things start to happen. They get more protein and other nutrients from milk and eggs, which helps keep them healthy and able to go to school or work. They also make more money, because they can sell whatever milk or eggs that they don’t eat. It’s pretty amazing. 

We couldn't agree more. Right now you can provide a hungry child with a gift that nourishes. Let's put an end to child malnutrition.