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To live the kind of life that inspires those around you to do something good is certainly an ideal that many aspire to. And this is exactly the kind of life that Jack Star lived. He was an intellectual, a forward-thinker, a lover of animals, and devoted his life to doing all he could to help his fellow man. And just by looking at his picture, you can see that he had one of those smiles that made you smile.

Jack and his wife, Cima, supported local food banks, the Humane Society, and generously opened up their home to show love to those around them. He also deeply cared about education and solar power and sought to invest these passions for the betterment of his community. His wife, Cima, recounted how even as a young boy Jack was willing to sacrifice money that he had saved to purchase a much-wanted wagon to help those he knew that were in greater need.

Even while suffering through cancer, Jack Star stayed true to his commitment of helping others however he could. In December 2013, when he felt the struggle of this illness the most, he received a Heifer International gift catalog in the mail. And even though he was struggling to eat himself, he was captivated by how many people he could help lift out of hunger and poverty through the gift of an Ark. He was determined to enlist the support of others to raise the needed $5000 by his birthday on July 7 of this year. This gift of an ark through Team Heifer, as he shared with Cima, was going to be his legacy. Sadly, Jack passed away before he could see this come to fruition – but we are not prepared to see Jack’s dream die. 

How great would it be if we could rally together to see this come to surpass. Currently, as I write this post, $3,605 has been raised so far. If you’d like to help take it to $5000, please feel free to help .

You can give here:

Amy Davis is Peer-to-Peer Program Coordinator for Heifer International. 





Heifer International

Heifer International is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization working with communities to end hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth.