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Petronella Kasaka Halwiindi

Title: Country Director


When did you start working for Heifer? 
Officially October 1, 2004, but in January 2004, I started with some consultancy work as Enumerator for the Rapid Evaluation Appraisal (REA) for the Zambia country program.

What attracted you to work for Heifer?
 The impact I saw Heifer making in the lives of the farming families in the Chikupi Women’s Goat Project in Zambia. It was the first time I saw a project touching the lives of participants beyond the distribution of resources and training to create lasting change in their core value system.

What has been the most memorable experience you have had while working for Heifer? The first placement of goats with 20 families in Katete, a district in the Eastern Province of Zambia.

The families belonged to a women’s group that I had personally trained in 2005. I still remember the joy on the faces of the men, women and children who were part of this project when they finally received their goats after seven months of hard work and commitment to preparing for their gifts.

My education includes: I hold a Bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics, a post-graduate certificate in project planning, monitoring and evaluation, and I am currently studying for a Master's in poverty reduction, policy and practice.

My hobbies include: Cooking, swimming, dancing, reading and traveling

My family consists of: my wonderful husband Noah, daughter Nachinyama Beene (11), sons Mikunga (6) and Makungu (4), my parents, Field and Mainah Kasaka, my two brothers, Connery and Field, my sister, Lucky, and me.

Something about me that you might not know: I do some professional catering when I have the time. I am also an avid event planner and organizer.

What is the best thing about working at Heifer Malawi? Being able to see and hear for myself, the stories of transformation in the lives of our project participants. Being part of the big picture that results in better livelihoods for women and children, offering them better opportunities so that they can hope to achieve their dreams! This keeps me inspired and eager to explore more ways of reaching more families "impactfully."


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