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Story by Claire Hawkridge | Fundraising, Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator | Heifer South Africa
Photos courtesy of Heifer South Africa

In 2012, Heifer South Africa was awarded a grant for 62,443 Canadian Dollars (CAD), or about $60,674, by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) to develop its staff through several learning exchanges and training courses. Throughout the year, the project's seven activities included a learning exchange with Heifer Kenya and Heifer Rwanda, workshops on gender and value chains, and training on results-based management and finance for non-finance managers.

After the grant period ended, CIDA was pleased with Heifer South Africa's successful activities and approved an additional 34,382 CAD, or about $33,408, to further capacity building activities.

During 2013, these funds will help Heifer South Africa conduct human resources training to support a growing staff. In addition, its board of directors will receive governance training, and the resource development team will be trained on ways to further enhance financial sustainability. A learning exchange will be held to allow the staff of a new, large-scale project to learn from the experiences of Heifer staff from other countries in Africa. Furthermore, specialized training on fodder production and animal feed management will be given to all project staff.

Heifer South Africa is thankful for the continuing support of CIDA. Through this project, Heifer South Africa has been able to, and will continue to, develop staff's ability to successfully plan, manage and support large-scale projects, which will empower more South African families to quickly move out of poverty.

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