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Story and Photo by Philippa Greenwood | Crawford Preparatory School

Just some of the many schoolchildren participating in Heifer South Africa's Read to Feed program.

Heifer South Africa’s Read to Feed program gives children the opportunity to change the world and improve their future.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, well-known South African social rights activist and enthusiastic Heifer South Africa supporter, said, “Through Read to Feed, children are encouraged to discover the joy of reading and the benefits, both academically and personally, which they will enjoy for the rest of their lives. Learning to love reading at a young age opens doors to a world of literature and knowledge and in turn provides hope that would never otherwise exist.”

Youth Day, which is June 6, 2013, is set aside to honor young people who sacrificed enormously to create a better South Africa. For many primary students, participating in a Read to Feed program is their way to contribute. They took the time to read books and raise funds?helping create better futures for thousands of impoverished people while ensuring a brighter future for themselves.

The Read to Feed program in South Africa focuses on children from primary schools and runs from four to six weeks. Children read books and, for every book they read, get a small sponsorship from family and friends. At the end of the program, all funds raised contribute to Heifer's work in alleviating hunger and poverty in South Africa.

Jerusha Pillay, a student from Pitlochry Senior Primary School in Westville, reveals her motivation, “I participated in the Read to Feed program, as most of the people don’t have what we have, so I thought let’s give them back something.”

Alison McKenna, a librarian from Crawford Preparatory School in La Lucia, said, “Children are reading far more, the parents come to me and say this is the best thing you have ever done! We can’t stop them from reading.”

Read to Feed has been implemented by various schools around South Africa such as St. Stithians Boys’ Preparatory School in Johannesburg, Bishops Preparatory School in Cape Town and Crawford Preparatory School in La Lucia.

Read to Feed is a great opportunity to inspire children to read. It provides an opportunity to positively change society. To learn more about Read to Feed in South Africa, please contact Sameera Banoo, resource development officer, at or 031 777 1374.


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