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Story and Photos by Zhang Xianshun | Anhui Regional Project Partner | Heifer China

The cold water fish were popular among those attending the Shanghai Expo.

A Heifer project cooperative’s cold water fish made quite a splash at the 2013 Huangshan Tea and Famous Chinese Agricultural Products Exhibition, held in Shanghai on May 3.

One Line Spring cold water fish, a product of the Yiyuan Running Water Fish-Rearing Cooperative of Banqiao Township, Xiuning County, Anhui Province, debuted here with its fresh packages and a unique Hui exhibition style. The fish not only received the praise of the leaders of Huangshan City Government and Shanghai Changning District, but also attracted a large number of people to stop and watch. This, in turn, encouraged some Shanghai dealers to show their intentions for further cooperation.

Shanghai citizen Xia Zhongjie, who had tasted the Banqiao cold water fish once, was very excited to see the lively fish. He said, “The meat of the fish is quite delicate, and it’s very delicious and nutritious as well. It’s so true that wonderful mountains and rivers produce high-quality fish. Nowadays, people in big cities pay more and more attention to green and healthy food. This fish will definitely have a huge market in Shanghai.”

The exhibit, done in a unique Hui exhibition style, was a hit.

The cold water fish samples at the exhibition eventually sold out at a price of 120 yuan per kilogram, or about $10 per pound.

Hosted by the People's Government of Huangshan City, the theme of the exhibition was “Famous Mountains?Scenic Rivers?Huangshan Tea,” demonstrating the ecological, cultural and progressive aspects of Huangshan. Hundreds of enterprises and more than 400 kinds of agricultural products were exhibited and sold at the Shanghai Expo.


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