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This weekly post shines a light on a handful of stories from’s “From the Field”From the Field section.

The mission to end hunger and poverty and care for the Earth may seem an overwhelming goal, but Heifer Armenia participant Artur Hovsepyan actively became part of the global vision when his family received a cow named Nargiz through Passing on the Gift®. Artur's family had lived in very poor conditions, which led him into a deep depression for three years. But thanks to Nargiz and her new calf, Artur regained hope for the future and is once again an active member of his village.

Vietnam Animal Distribution Ceremony Heifer Vietnam participants receive a heifer at the project's second animal distribution ceremony on February 21. Photo by Nguyen Thai Loc

In Vietnam, participants of Soc Thao commune of Phu Tam village received heifers at the project's second animal distribution ceremony. Eager recipients' laughter filled the busy village as 125 people congratulated each other. One self-help group member said Heifer's unique tools will allow families to pull themselves out of poverty and give their children a brighter future.

A Farmer Field School in the Northern Philippines recently received a grant for a permanent composting site. Before the project began, most villagers accepted poverty as a way of life. After practicing Heifer's 12 Cornerstones for Just and Sustainable Development, they are happy to successfully reach a goal. The site will provide new knowledge in organic farming to improve family's gardens and help the group become organic vegetable producers.


Chelsey McNiel