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Those burnt-out light bulbs might not be finished yet. A little upcycle magic (plus pliers) can turn would-be trash into a really fun vase! Here's how!

What you'll need:

  • light bulb
  • pliers
  • gardening wire

My vase is cheering up my office space quite nicely.
Follow these steps:
  1. Do this outside or on a hard surface and use protective eyewear. Glass gets everywhere.
  2. Use pliers to remove the silver layer from the bottom of the light bulb.
  3. Use pliers to remove the black glass cap from the bottom of the light bulb. (To be honest, this part is something of a pain. I enlisted help, so this project was less of a "Do It Yourself" and more of a "Do It With The Help of More Competent Friends" deal. Thanks, Travis!)
  4. Tap the inner glass tube with pliers to break. Shake out the pieces or use your pliers to get it all out.
  5. Use your wire to make a hook with which to hang your vase.
  6. Fill with a little water, make your flower arrangement, and enjoy!

I tried this one out, and it turned out rather well! Confession: I'm not super crafty. Basically, if I can do a craft, almost anyone can do it. Seriously. Check out the freepeople blog for my source and a more detailed tutorial with lots of pictures!

At Heifer International, we care about upcyling because we care about sustainable solutions. Check out how you can help us care for the Earth!


Molly Fincher

Molly writes stuff for Heifer International's website, magazine and blog.