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Did you know that today is National Philanthropy Day? It’s the perfect time to thank your favorite person who’s dedicated to improving our world.

So many people contribute to Heifer’s mission that it’s impossible to pick our number one. But there’s no doubt fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss lands on our top-ten list of stellar philanthropists. His ongoing dedication to Heifer and his Worldbuilders team’s above-and-beyond contributions are sending out an untold number of animals to needy families around the world. You can read about Rothfuss’ hardcore commitment to Heifer in the Holiday 2013 issue of World Ark magazine.

We’d like to honor Rothfuss today, along with all of the other donors, large and small, who help us chip away at the suffering caused by hunger and poverty.




Austin Bailey

Austin Bailey is a writer and editor for Heifer's World Ark magazine.