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Fantasy author and Heifer supporter Patrick Rothfuss just wanted to do a little good. With his blog as a forum for speaking to his fans, and with a passion for Heifer, he challenged his followers to give to Heifer’s mission through Team Heifer. And he matched them dollar for dollar.

You won’t believe what they accomplished…

Now Patrick, through Worldbuilders and Team Heifer, has raised millions of dollars and great awareness for Heifer International. That’s right, millions. Proving how much impact just an idea and enough passion can make. 

On December 2, as you're doing your Cyber Monday shopping, Patrick's new Team Heifer webpage for Worldbuilders will be live and ready. His newfound force for good will have fun new ways to engage with him and Heifer—and to keep his momentum going. 

Post written by Jessica Ford. Video edited by Kim Nixon. 


Kim Nixon