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Chances are you've saved a whole bunch of money in the last few days. Woohoo! 

With all of those savings, you can get someone an awesome gift. Our suggestion: give a goat! Why, you ask? Well...

1. Goats have excellent taste. Legend has it that goats first discovered coffee
2. Goats are the best to play pranks on... 

3. And the best at playing pranks. 

4. Everyone knows that goats are extremely refined and fancy. Goat cheese, anyone?

5. Goats are GREAT at karaoke. 
6. Goat kids are the cutest kids. 

7. Three words: Goats in coats. 

8. Little-known fact: goats make great tree decorations. 

9. Let's be honest. Everyone could use a skate-goat.

10. Last and best, goats save lives by providing families with milk, cheese, butter, and yogurt to eat and sell. With the gift of a goat, a family can lift themselves out of hunger and poverty!

What are you waiting for? Give the gift of goats this holiday season! 


Molly Fincher

Molly writes stuff for Heifer International's website, magazine and blog.