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In Spitak, in the Lori region of Armenia, lives Irina Dallaqyan, a 37-year-old widow and mother to three sons. The family has lived in temporary housing since 1988 when an earthquake left them homeless. A local farm provided Irina with work as a dairy maid, but her position only paid an inadequate $140 a month.

Mother's Day Irina with her sons, Arayik (left) and Vladimir, at their home in Spitak, Lori region, Armenia. Photo by Aram Petrosyan, Program Coordinator, Heifer Armenia

Irina's neighbor told her about Heifer International's work with Spitak Farmers Association and she made a request to become a recipient in the next Passing on the Gift® ceremony.

"I received two pigs from the project, [but] because my family lives in a temporary shelter, we have no barn," Irina said.

The Heifer project, Agricultural Development Project in Spitak and Lernantsk Communities, helps farmers house their animals together and share the work and income generated from the joint farming.

"One of my pigs delivered eight piglets, and the other delivered nine," Irina said. "I sold 10 piglets out of 17 and generated 180,000 Armenian drams (about $430). The money I saved from the sales of the piglets was directed to purchase feed for the animals. The rest, seven piglets, I kept to enlarge my farm."

Through Heifer's work, Irina found the support she needed and looks forward to future success.

This Mother's Day you can support women worldwide with gift ideas from Heifer and give your mom something that truly makes a difference. Your gift can support impoverished mothers with training, livestock and clean water, which will help them rise out of poverty and become self-reliant.

This Mother's Day. Gift Different. Give Heifer. Photo courtesy of Heifer International This Mother's Day. Gift Different. Give Heifer. Photo courtesy of Heifer International

You can help Heifer support mothers worldwide.


Chelsey McNiel