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Storming the Castle The character Miracle Max and his wife Valerie put the chocolate coating on the magic pill. Photo credit:

One of my favorite childhood movies was "The Princess Bride." William Goldman's classic fairytale follows Princess Buttercup and her beloved farm boy, Wesley, as they climb the Cliffs of Insanity, face the perilous Fire Swamp and battle an evil prince all in the name of love.

As conflict builds, Wesley is paralyzed and Princess Buttercup relunctantly agrees to marry the spiteful Prince Humperdinck. Wesley's enemies, turned companions, seek help from the magician Miracle Max and he revives Wesley with a magical chocolate covered pill.

The heroes then agree to penetrate Humperdincks defenses and rescue Buttercup. While wishing the heroes goodluck, Miracle Max waves and says, "Have fun storming the castle!"

My mom quotes this iconic line often. When I was younger, she would say it when I left for school or to hang out with friends. But over the years, those whimsical words have become more than a fun farewell.

Life is hard. (Overstated yes, but it remains true.) And though life's battles may not overthrow us, their effects can paralyze the strongest, especially if we choose to fight alone.

My mom is like Miracle Max's chocolate covered pill. Her sweet nature allows her to teach without saying a word, love despite flared tempers and, forgetting her own grief, provide comfort to a jaded heart. These attributes loosed me when I felt paralyzed and allowed me to storm countless castles.

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This Mother's Day. Gift Different. Give Heifer. Photo courtesy of Heifer International This Mother's Day. Gift Different. Give Heifer. Photo courtesy of Heifer International

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Chelsey McNiel