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Shop@Heifer Purchase fair trade jewelry at Shop@Heifer. Photo by Chelsey McNiel, Communications Intern, Heifer Headquarters

Yesterday, justice lovers worldwide celebrated World Fair Trade Day - an initiative of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) which advocates for farmers and artisans to get fair market prices.

According to WFTO, "a third of the world's population lives on less than two dollars a day." But will it really make a difference which products fill our shopping carts?

Heifer International thinks so. When you purchase certified fair trade items, like coffee, bananas and apparel, you can improve the quality of life for developing communities and establish strong businesses.

Supporting organizations like Heifer takes your impact beyond the practice of purchasing fair trade certified essentials. Heifer educates families and communities so they not only recieve a fair price at the market, but also receive tools and training to ensure a shift toward sustainable living.

Shop@Heifer supports Heifer's mission of ending hunger and poverty and caring for the Earth with earth- and artisan-friendly goods.


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Chelsey McNiel