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From Aghvan Mkhitaryan | Business Direction Member of YES! Youth Club in Djadjur
Translated by Liana Hayrapetyan
| Communication and PR Officer | Heifer Armenia

My name is Aghvan; I’m 12. I am fond of pastry, especially cakes. I like not only to eat, but also to prepare them. My mom is very skillful in baking and making cakes; she is very popular for it in our village, Djadjur, Shirak region of Armenia.

I also like to do the shopping necessary for my pastry business, but most of all I love the process of preparing the dough and baking. I’m also responsible for the delivery of the orders to different houses and families. It’s a big pleasure to be paid for the work into which I put so much effort. Getting the profit from the business you are engaged in makes you feel proud of your work.

My mother taught me very specific and tasty recipes. Very often I create new and interesting designs or decoration for the cakes. We prepare the pastry from fresh and organic products. And most importantly we are very sensitive to hygiene rules, which we always follow. We take orders from our neighbors for any occasion: birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, youth parties, pastries for Christmas, New Year and Easter, etc.

Thank you, Heifer, for the business education and the seed grant you provided me to start my own small business. I hope my profit and achievements in the pastry business will increase in the near future.

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