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Heifer International headquarters Little Rock The city of Little Rock, Ark. Photo from:

Heifer International is pleased to welcome Kiva Microfunds to the growing list of global solution-oriented providers such as Heifer, the William J. Clinton Foundation, Winrock International, Bridge to Rwanda and others based and working here in Little Rock.

While Heifer works with partner families one to one, through investments of livestock and training that build social capital and value chain opportunities, properly managed microfinance can be a powerful of change, especially for women.

Without organizations such as Kiva, poor women, lacking collateral, would not have access to the small individual or group loans—banks would never take the risk—to use to start or improve a small business that will spark the change that, with further help, can create deep impact that fosters resilience and sustainability.

Welcome, Kiva Microfunds.


Kelly MacNeil