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To make lasting changes, Heifer International continues to base its mission, to end hunger and poverty and care for the Earth, on the 12 Cornerstones for Just and Sustainable Development and Passing on the Gift (POG). By emphasizing community involvement, sharing and caring, Heifer's approach lays the foundation for sustainable sources of food and income worldwide.

IWD in Nepal - Vickie Clarke Nepali women celebrate their success on International Women's Day as they march through their villages. Photo courtesy of Heifer International

Holding signs that read, "Women are the key to community development," Nepali women celebrated International Women's Day by marching together through their villages. Through accountability and leadership development, numerous women have established a deep commitment to the Cornerstones. More than 20,000 original families have benefited from this dedication in just over one year.

Heifer Philippines held 12 Cornerstones Workshops in that country's Caraga region preparing participants for involvement in the area's first dairy project. The project will reach 400 original partner families and another 800 families through POG. After the workshops, participants agreed that the Cornerstones helped them realize the value of working together and how to nuture that gift. 

Hmayak Najaryan, 40, of Khachaghbyur, Armenia, was trying to support his wife and two sons on little more than $100 a month. In partnership with Ashtarak Kat CJSC, Heifer Armenia provided alfalfa seeds, a milk cooling tank and artificially inseminated the family's cow. Now Hmayak's sons, who want to become educated professionals, have a stronger foundation on which to grow and dream.

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Chelsey McNiel