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Today is World Environment Day 2013, and this year's theme is Eat.Think.Save, emphasizing reducing food waste and food loss. Every year 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted or lost, which seems crazy in light of the fact that more than 20,000 children die every day from hunger-related causes.

Stop Food Waste

This gives me a lot of personal anxiety. I try to avoid wasting food, but it certainly happens (especially with a 4-year-old at home). After watching the video below, connecting my own family's food waste to the health of the environment, I feel a strong need to get a better handle on it. Watch the video below, and share your reactions to it in the comments section.

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Have you taken any measures lately to cut down on your home's food waste? Share what works in the comments.


Brooke Edwards

Brooke Edwards is from Little Rock, Arkansas, and started working at Heifer International in 2009 as a writer. She and her husband raise two daughters in a house way too small for their four pets. They spend a lot of time sweeping.