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Story and Photos by Pan Sheng | Xinjiang Regional Project Manager | Heifer China

Three children from Heifer project families inspired and touched students and major donors with their stories, struggles and success during a recent visit to Hong Kong.

Every spring, Heifer Hong Kong invites children from project families in rural China to visit with and introduce Heifer projects to the public in Hong Kong. It is a valuable experience for both the visitors and the audiences.

The children deeply touched the audience with their presentation for major donors.

The children visiting this year, ShaYida, Long Xiufen and Ran Maojie, come from project communities in Xinjiang, Yunnan and Sichuan. They took part in the Heifer-HSBC Read to Feed Fun Reading Day at several schools and presented at a meeting with major donors from April 14–21, 2013.

Accompanied by Pan Sheng, Heifer China’s Xinjiang regional manager, the children visited seven schools involved in Heifer’s Read to Feed program. They talked to the students about their learning and living conditions, in addition to the help Heifer has brought to their homes.

Heifer-HSBC Read to Feed Fun Reading Day at Plaza Hollywood

The audience at the meeting with major donors was deeply touched by their stories. At the end of the presentation, everyone was eager to take photos with the children.

During the Fun Reading Day at Hong Kong's Plaza Hollywood on April 20, the children from Heifer project families entertained attendees with performances and taught other children how to do activities such as Chinese paper cutting, rubber band skipping and folk dancing.

This interaction bridged the gap between the children living in Hong Kong and their peers living in the poverty-stricken villages of Mainland China. Both groups of children benefited from the exchange, and the children in Hong Kong learned about the work Heifer International is doing to empower rural families to improve their lives.  


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