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As many mark the beginning of a new year by making resolutions, setting goals and starting with a fresh outlook for the 12 months ahead, we at Heifer International are doing the same. Our mission is to end hunger and poverty and care for the Earth and this year we want to help more families move from poverty to prosperity. I invite you to join us in this pursuit by considering joining our Friends of Heifer program.

The Friends of Heifer program allows donors to contribute monthly with an automatic withdrawal from a checking account or credit card. Monthly donations help Heifer International have predictable and consistent resources needed to plan and implement Heifer’s transformative model, assisting more families to improve their lives.

A gift of $10 per month would equal a goat by year’s end, or $50 would equal five pigs, and each are part of Passing on the Gift® where families donate an offspring of the animal to another community member. Heifer’s gift of animals and training provide valuable skills and income for families to better take care of their homes, children and future.

Mrs. Glory (pictured left) said, “Education is important for all of my children because the world is changing and education allows them to change with it.”

I hope you will begin your new year with a commitment to make the world a better and more prosperous place for another in need every month. To learn more visit


Allison Stephens

Allison began working for Heifer International in 2011 in Public Relations and is also a Public Affairs Officer in the Air Force Reserve. She graduated from Penn State University with a degree in communications. She is married, mother to baby "E" and proud bonus mother to a 13 year-old daughter.