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This weekly post shines a light on a handful of stories from’s “From the Field” section.

Heifer receives support from a variety of sources. Generous corporate support, grants and partnerships with development organizations help Heifer leverage its resources and positively impact the most people.

Through the World Bank-financed Community Agricultural Resource Management and Competitiveness (CARMAC) project in Armenia, the community established a 44-family cooperative of pasture-users and received various farm equipment. Their crop yields have improved more than 20 percent after they obtained more farming equipment. This increase improved their incomes and allowed the cooperative to save more money for future investments. Additionally, the cooperative rents 830 acres of pasture land from the community to support its 273 heads of cattle.


Through Heifer International and European Social Fund's People‘s Skills Restoration project, 1,000 families will benefit from livestock gifts over three years. Members of the project received their firsts gifts—sheep and rabbits—in mid-December in their western Lithuanian village of Žlibinai.

Heifer Cambodia worked especially hard. Its dedication to seeking out local partners and grants, in addition to the generous contributions of donors, allowed the lives of many Cambodians to be changed. One of the projects that Heifer will implement in partnership with the United Nations Development Program is the upcoming Small Grant Project on Climate Change. This project will assist families who lack a sufficient supply of water for farming or household use due to climate change.

The support received through these partnerships allow Heifer to expand, use its resources efficiently and work toward its mission to end hunger and poverty.


Lauren Bucher