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Today is the third anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Haiti.

Haiti earthquake

Recovering from Haiti Earthquake.

This week we have highlighted the work Heifer has been doing in Haiti both before and since the earthquake. Here's a quick roundup:

Our current major effort in Haiti is our extensive project called Rural Entrepreneurs for Agricultural Cooperation in Haiti (REACH). The project aims to help 20,250 families with gifts of livestock and by strengthening communities through the construction and management of goat and swine breeding centers, many of which will be owned and operated by women.

You can learn more and donate to REACH by visiting now.

Recovering from Haiti earthquake.

Of course, Heifer's work alone is not nearly all the help Haiti needs as it continues to recover from the 7.0 magnitude earthquake. The good news is that we're certainly not alone. Here's a list of recent posts from other great organizations applying their work in what has long been the most impoverished and vulnerable country in the Western Hemisphere:


Brooke Edwards

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