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Story and Photos by Neak Sokunthea | Assistant to Country Director | Heifer Cambodia
Edited by Keo Keang | Country Director | Heifer Cambodia

Heifer Cambodia’s connections with donors produced excellent results this fiscal year. Its dedication to seeking out project partners and grants, in addition to generous contributions from donors, provided financial support and changed the lives of many Cambodians.

The European Union (EU) agreed to support a Heifer project, which will be implemented in partnership with Gender and Development for Cambodia (GAD/C) in January 2013. In addition, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) selected a concept note, of brief outline, of a project proposed by Heifer Cambodia, and a full proposal has now been submitted.

Heifer Cambodia worked steadfastly to launch joint efforts with other donors and government agencies to seek both technical and financial support for itself and its project partners. A partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Small Grants Project was an especially beneficial connection. The joint project offers support to families who lack adequate water for farming and drinking due to climate change. Through a partnership built by Heifer Cambodia’s Country Director Keo Keang, Ngin Navirak, the small grant project coordinator for UNDP, spoke to 19 people representing 11 of Heifer Cambodia's project partners about the UNDP Small Grant Project and its strategy at Heifer's office in Phnom Penh on December 14, 2012.  

“I give the presentation on the Small Grant Project to you today because I see the potential of working in collaboration with Heifer Cambodia and Heifer Cambodia’s project partners," Navirak said. "I believe that Heifer project partners are strong.”

She introduced the Small Grant Project on Climate Change by showing the conditions, criteria and steps for selecting partners—from concept note to full proposal and implementation phase. This presentation was very useful and helped Heifer Cambodia’s project partners be well-prepared to meet the upcoming concept note deadline in February 2013.

Kong Reatry, executive director of the Association Saving Poor Families for Development (ASPFD), was very impressed and thanked Heifer Cambodia for helping him understand the Small Grant Project.

“This opportunity allowed me to understand the Climate Change Project," Reatry said. "If I had not attended, I would not be aware of the Small Grant Project and wouldn’t know how to connect or write the proposal to UNDP. When I go back, I will visit my community and study the needs of the local people and the local authority. I have an idea to replant and protect precious trees in my community that have been lost because of logging. This project can link with many aspects of community development activities and especially with the Heifer-supported project.” 

The UNDP presentation also helped Sum Satom, Khmer Women’s Cooperation for Development (KWCD) executive, apply for funding from the Small Grant Project. Her project areas were affected by natural disasters, such as storms, droughts and floods. “The introduction of the UNDP Small Grant Project on Climate Change is very important for KWCD," she said. "Our project areas are affected by natural disasters, especially the women's group activities. We will conduct an assessment on the impact of climate change and the needs of the community in response to climate change. We will prepare and submit a concept note to UNDP in February, and I hope that we will get more funds for cost-sharing with the Heifer Cambodia project.”

This event was part of the capacity building of Heifer Cambodia for project partners in resource mobilization and connects them with other donor agencies, as well as UNDP, so that they can get more funds to support the activities of Heifer project families. The UNDP Small Grant Project coordinator said that she is looking forward to working in partnership with Heifer Cambodia and its project partners to build a better environment and livelihood for the poor and vulnerable population in Cambodia.

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