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Story and Photos By Liu Shaofen | Sichuan-Chongqing Regional Program Manager | Heifer China

“I haven’t seen this for a long time,” said a villager. About 100 people gathered for a Passing on the Gift® (POG) ceremony in Dengbao Village’s 100-square-foot learning center, which had been transformed from the village activity room and two rooms of an abandoned school. The participants take pride in their contributions in creating the shared space.

Members of two other Heifer Village Project Management Committees attended the ceremony. Participants planned to present 30 cows, but heavy rain made the mountain road too slick to gather the cattle. Instead, the recipients presented red ribbons to those who would be giving them the cows to express their gratitude.

After the ceremony, people began to sing and dance for the first time since the learning center was refurbished. Some of the women had organized a cultural performance team to cheer up the community, and when the young villagers began performing everyone joined in. The cold weather was warmed by happiness. Everyone joined together in song to end the ceremony.


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