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This weekly post shines a light on a handful of stories from’s “From the Field”From the Field section.

Poverty does not always look the same everywhere. With guidance from Heifer International's Genuine Need and Justice Cornerstone, project participants and partners continue giving back to those who most need it. From Passing on the Gift® to gala fundraisers, Heifer shines when people work together to end hunger and poverty and care for the earth.

Manamaya Nepali and her son with their family's goats. Photo courtesy of Heifer International Manamaya Nepali and her son with their family's goats. Photo courtesy of Heifer International



After she received two goats from Heifer Nepal, Manamaya's family began the journey from recipients to donors. Animal Management training prepared her for the hard work ahead and paid off when the family's income increased after selling goat meat. Manamaya has already given back to her community by passing on two goats to another family.

Heifer Uganda was recognized as the 2013 Best Anti-Poverty Organization in Uganda for their investment in bettering the nation's goods, services, worker's rights, international practices, environmental protection and daily operation standards. Communities are being transformed through sustainable development as Heifer Uganda staff actively pursue positive change. The award affirms Heifer's dedication and credibility to many.

2013 The first Heifer Charity Gala in China raised about $96,500. Photo courtesy of Heifer China

Heifer China supporters raised about $96,500 during the Heifer Charity Gala on March 23, 2013. An auction, celebrity performances and donations contributed the the evening's success. Mao Zhenghua, chairman of Heifer China's Advisory Council, shared how Heifer is giving back to make profound changes for the nation's families and communities.

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